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Diabetes is a condition where your blood glucose  level also known as blood sugar level is too high.  

There are two main types of diabetes type 1  and type 2. There are also some rarer types  

but they're all serious and can be diagnosed  by your GP. The signs and symptoms you need to  

look out for are weeing often because your body  will be trying to lower your blood sugar levels  

by flushing out the extra sugar in your blood.  This can lead to other symptoms including  

feeling really thirsty or genital itching and  thrush this can happen if your weak contains a  

lot of sugar from your blood because it can  create an environment for fungal infections  

you may also feel tired because the sugar  in your blood can't get into your cells to  

turn into energy this could lead to your body  trying to break down its fat stores instead  

so you might find that you are losing  weight without really trying to  

wounds might also take longer to heal because high  blood sugar levels can limit nutrients and oxygen  

from getting to your wound and your eyesight might  be blurry as blood sugar can build up making it  

harder to see with type 1 diabetes the symptoms  can be more obvious and develop much quicker  

over a few days or weeks with type 2 diabetes the  symptoms can develop much slower and some people  

may not have any symptoms this is why  some people can live with type 2 for years  

without realizing they have it if you do notice  any of the symptoms contact your gp straight away  

getting diagnosed can be the  first step to getting treatment  

and support so that you can find ways to  live well with diabetes as soon as possible