ATM Check Deposit Tutorial

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hello my name is Ravi and I am a

personal financial representative here

at salal Freddy and today I'm actually

gonna walk you through the steps of how

to deposit a check in a team so for

starters of course we all may be aware

that the two main items you need are one

your debit card to check or cash and so

in this case we're using a check being

that it's around the time that we're

receiving stimulus checks within the

next couple of weeks or so so here is

how you would properly endorse the back

of your check you want to endorse it the

same as it is presented on the front

side of your check follow me

and so here and one of ours to allow

ATMs you would actually want to put in

your card this way as opposed to this

way as you can see this way it will fit

the same but if we were to try and