Clear Signs She Wants to Sleep with You!

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hey guys in this video we're gonna go

over the 25 progressive signs that she

is ready to have sex with you and that's

Molly back there so one of the first

signs that she's ready to have sex with

you is that she dresses more

provocatively or wears ho ish makeup

just like I'm doing right now alright

what she actually does is she wears more

makeup or dresses more provocatively or

more feminine than you're used to seeing

her now of course if you don't know her

cuz you're in a bar at the end of the

night well then you just don't know so

take these signs for what they are

and if there's more than one sign then

it's quite likely that she wants to have

sex with you but always remember that

you need to get express consent so that

you don't have to go to jail because

that would suck and you would probably