How can you tell if someone is a virgin? | Sara Rigon | TEDxUniversityofLuxembourg

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how can you tell if someone is a virgin

sounds like a trick question doesn't it

let's simplify can you check virginity

in a man no right we all know there is

no way to check if a man is a virgin or

not and probably no need what about

women can you check virginity in a woman

yes No

the hymen may be no straight answer on

this one right it's a trick question if

you ask me well a few years ago I would

have probably done politely or applied

to this question with another question

does it really matter today after two

years in the field as a humanitarian

worker and a change in perspective I can

tell you virginity does matter it

shouldn't but it does

my change in perspective as many names

and many faces but I will never forget