How to Know Your True Friends - Prof. Jordan Peterson

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Well let's talk about friendships for a minute

Here's how you know if someone's your friend

a) You can tell them bad news and they'll listen they won't tell you why you know you're stupid and why that bad thing happened to you

and how something worse happened to them once and you know derail the whole conversation

You, can actually tell them bad news and they'll listen so that's a good thing and then this is a weirder thing

you can tell them good news

and they'll help you celebrate

and that's a really good way of deciding who you should have around you

because if you have someone around you you know something good happens to you you're kind of afraid to

even admit it because you know god something good happen to you it's like


You let that be known and they'll certainly be taken away

so you know you you come out and you sort of tell someone

half-heartedly that something good happened to you and then they give you a whack and then talk about

you know

Some of the great thing that happened to them three years ago or worse the great thing that happened to someone that they knew three years ago

You know it's like go away from that person, they're not helpful to you

and they're not helpful to themselves either

and so you want to surround yourself ... you've got to think about this

You've got to surround yourself with people who want the best for the best part of you

you can hang around with weasels and losers that are trying to pull you down