3 Signs Your Teacher Likes You

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sixteen Rebecca's over here today and

today is Thursday also you know New

Year's Eve you know you know it's the

last day of you know 2015 you know 364

where i'm 365 or maybe it is 365 today

I don't know but today is maybe Steve I

just want to say I wish you a good new

year since I'm not loading this video

tomorrow because it's Thursday and

anklet on Thursdays so I hope you have

like a good start to a year okay your

sister nice you know buckle with

drinking and stuff over me and hopefully

you find your Troy Bolton and you get a

kiss tonight you know you know um nine

of the to be happening to me cuz

you know lonely little single ready to

mingle so you know is that my phone yeah

okay so today's video is going to be on

three signs of how you know your teacher

likes you my other video is five cents