how to know your number

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so welcome back guys my name is Alana

and in today's make monetary campaign we

go about looking at how you can know

your sim number now this happens when

you have a SIM card but you may have

forgotten your number by some chance now

first important thing to understand is

that you should obviously know like the

carrier so if it's idea sim or it's a

Geo sim or it's a be a single sim also

would have only Airtel whatever so for

each of the numbers there are different

USS decodes that you can run so I'm

having a ideas I'm on my second numbers

now to run a particular USSD code so

this happens to be star 1 hash now when

i dial this i have to dial it for my

idea sim which is Miss against them and

you can see that the USS D code is

running and it gives me my number now

please understand that this ussd code