16 Signs A Shy Guy Likes You

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Confidence is sexy

A guy who can sweep you off your feet without a moment's hesitation is every woman's dream

However, there are also shy guys out there who are waiting to be noticed, but how do you know if they like you?

1 - He looks at you when you're not looking

Shy guys typically don't want to be caught looking at you because confrontation is not their forte

Instead he resorts to admiring you from afar

Engaging with someone you like is terrifying and shy people are often afraid of being rejected or judged so they rarely open up

Consequently it's hard to tell when a shy guy actually likes you, however once in a while

You may pick up on signs like subtle eye contact which indicates his interest?

2 - He tries to talk to you, but looks very uncomfortable

A shy guy usually stays within his group of friends

So when he leaves them to approach you, chances are he likes you, he might not have anything to say or appear very awkward

But it probably takes him a lot of bravery

3 - He treats you differently

As mentioned before shy guys will rarely approach you unless they're interested in you

When a shy guy likes you he'll go out of his way to get your attention, or do favors for you.

He'll treat you differently from how he treats others, whether it's grabbing an extra cup of coffee for you, or bragging about you to his friends

4 - He opens up

Introverted or reserved guys usually keep to themselves and rarely share personal details with others

If a guy like this starts to open up to you, that means he likes you and isn't afraid of being judged by you

He'll reveal hidden interest in personal details he doesn't like to share with others.