How to spot a fake Louis Vuitton

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it's a girl would kill again I'm here

doing a review on this speedy that I

just reserved I've just looked into the

world of replicas and I decided to

purchase myself one because I wanted to

see if there were anything like the real

thing I have the real authentic bag and

it's beautiful and I love it

but as you all know they come with the

price tag they're quite pricey so I

wanted to see if the replicas anything

like it so let's go through this

together okay so this is the replica

okay this is the handles now I do have

to say the red lipstick is I've never

had that was my back it was red when I

received it but there was never any

gloss and it wasn't red lipstick II but

I do have to say the lettering can bring

you closer the lettering on this bag is

nice the leather is beautiful