How to spot FAKE GOLD

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what is going on everybody in today's

video we're talking about spotting fake

gold jewelry men and women's now this

isn't actually testing gold jewelry if

you're buying it or just want to make

sure it's legitimate this is just

looking at a gold piece and see if you

can tell the difference if it's fake or

real so I'm going to give you a few

steps that I've learned over the years

on how to determine just by looking

looking at someone at the mall or just

looking at a customer's piece you know

that they bought somewhere else if it's

real or fake so I'm going to share those

with you I also made a buying a gold

chain where I actually did acid tests on

a few chains to show you how to test if

you wanted to see if your jewelry is

legitimate from home and then I did a

rope chain where I I put on a few