5 Ways To Tell If A Diamond Is FAKE or REAL

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in this video we're gonna show you as

the tilt for Starman is fake or real

we're gonna try five different ways to

test a diamond at home as jewelers we

may use loops diamond testers and lights

but today all you're gonna need is a

newspaper a lighter a sheet of fine

sandpaper and a glass of water we have

two stones to test they're both rounds

they're both six mils but one is real

one is a cheap fake so let's throw these

tests and see if we can tell which one

is which the first fruit test we're

going to do is not going to damage the

stone at all but the last two are going

to destroy it if it's a fake stone so if

you donít down your stone IVA is a fake

I recommend not doing the last toe so

let's get started this is called the

breathing test what you do you take your

diamond doll your stone your old it up