How to check private number that called you.

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are you getting frequent calls from

unwanted numbers and most of them appear

to come from a mysterious private number

in fact there are several groups of

people who may be making you suffer

some of them will include telemarketers

spammers scammers and other similar Jona

of people for reasons best known to the

cola some certain people may decide to

hide their caller ID before calling you

here is how to reveal it method 1 step 1

while your phone is ringing don't pick

it please ignore step 2

wait for at least 15 minutes step 3

they'll stay as 30 hash the hidden

number will be revealed on the screen

not in some cases it will take up to 24

hours before it will show the number

step 1 download and install through Cola

from Google Play Store step 2

leave your internet connection on