Pregnancy Test: Positive vs Negative Results Time Lapse

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here we have our droppers and they

contain our urine sample we use the

droppers that came with the pregnancy

test to withdrawal the urine in this top


we have urine that contains HCG and how

I know that is because it's my urine and

I'm pregnant

this bottom dropper contains urine that

does not have HCG in it it comes from my

husband so he shouldn't have HCG in his

urine so what we're gonna do is we're

gonna add three drops of urine to each

test so add to this top one this is the

urine that has the HCG so 1 2 3 and then

wad drop here 1 2 3 and we're gonna let

that go for 3 minutes cuz for this

particular test they say to wait 3

minutes to read the results but don't

read the results after 5 minutes because

they won't be valid