How to Max Happiness in Pokemon Sword and Shield | QUICKEST METHOD | GUIDE

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hello friends and welcome back to

another Pokemon how-to guide my name is

Lee also known as Osiris and in today's

guide we're gonna be looking at how to

max out pokemons happiness in sword and

shield and the quickest method to do

this so within this guide I'm going to

show you a step-by-step process for the

what I believe is the quickest method to

do this we're gonna do it from scratch

so we're gonna start off by breeding

ourselves a and brand new Pokemon and

then we're gonna go through each step

into getting this pokemons happiness

maxed out as quick as possible to get

the Pokemon we decide so for this

example I'm going to use an Eevee

because I'm gonna be aiming to get a

sylveon so what we want to do is just

put two Pokemon into the nursery center