5 Signs a Player is Falling In Love With You

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I don't care how much of a player this

guy is if he shows you these five signs

that means that dude is falling in love

let's find out hey what's up aint Josas

Alex for mindful attraction and today

we're gonna be talking about five signs

that a player is falling in love with

you that's why I ladies and gentlemen

players fall in love all right let me

tell you something players do not fall

in love with the models let's get that

let's get that straight players don't

fall in love with models players usually

fall in love with not average girls but

average to above average if you know

this players like celebrities or even

like high status guys their wives

usually aren't the hottest girls in the

world but 2008 they're women of

character women who they appreciate for

who they are right so wherever you are