Are you Mangleek? How to Check in 1 Minute

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it is a normal tradition among the

Indians and people of Indian origin to

astrology cailli match the horoscopes of

the boy and the girl before fixing the

marriage one of the important factors to

be considered at the time of checking

and matching the horoscopes is the

presence or absence of monlik factor in

the birth chart of poor D persons people

often come to me with the tension or

confusion that they are overseas and

can't find a good astrologer sometimes

people face a situation where one

punditji has told them that this

horoscope is not malik whereas another

punditji has said that the person is

monlik and pooja part will have to be

done so we bring to you this video to

save you from the confusion and dilemma

about being a mullick or non mongolic if

you watch this video carefully till the