How to Tell if a Guy is Gay

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what's going on everybody but today I

posted an Instagram story and asked you

guys what topics you want me to talk

about I got probably 15 requests on how

to tell if a guy is gay or in TV okay

that was pretty much the variation of

the question no I feel like it's been

done a lot but I think I have a couple

of things that I'd like to add so real

have you ever met a new guy maybe at

work or in a group of friends and you

don't know anything about him and just

met him

thank you sexy c1o if he's gay I mean I

feel like it's happened to me a thousand

times been with my friends they're like

oh I don't know maybe he said he may be

gay we just met him the other night or

like a co-worker it's like he started

said he's new and you don't actually

know if he's gay or not with most people