25 AWESOME Things Your Handwriting Says About You - Graphology Secrets Revealed!

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Did you know your handwriting is a mirror into your personality?

It might sound weird, but it's a real thing that people study.

Called Graphology, it's the study of the human personality through writing.

By looking at the small details, graphologists can determine what your handwriting says about

you, like if you're an introvert or an extrovert, whether you're detail oriented, or if you're

a tense person.

Of course, like most personality tests, not all graphologists agree with each other.

And, honestly, some scientists believe graphology is a pseudoscience.

So, while this can be a fun way to analyze your writing, it's probably best to take it

with a grain of salt and not too seriously.

Ready to put your handwriting to the test?

I'm Mike with List25 and Here are 25 Awesome Things Your Handwriting Says About You.


If you write in really big letters, you're an extrovert and tend to be out-going, people-oriented,

and attention-seeking.

However, graphologists also believe this could mean you're putting up a front and pretending

to be confident.


Those who write small may frustrate people to no end because their writing is hard to


Writing small means you're focused and meticulous, but also shy.