How to Tell If a Mango is Ripe

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Heather in today's video I'll be going

over the question how to tell the mangos

ripe this can be done with four easy

steps so as you can see here I have five

mangos they're all of different levels

of ripeness starting from the left to

the right being the most ripe and the

least right so for the for the four

techniques first technique the easiest

one is color so what you want is a a

mango that's predominantly yellow or

orange with some red this is a very ripe

mango this is ready to eat right now and

if you see in the second one here this

one is got this one has some green on it

but it's mostly yellow more than half of

this yellow in red

third one here it's got some yellow here

some red and then it's fading to

majority of Idzik is green

there's definitely some yellow coming