How to Know When A Man VALUES You!💯

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team Jackson what's happening I made a

video man a couple of days ago talking

about how to know for sure that a man

has not changed and it was one part of

it I really want to unpack but I don't

want to do so talking about like how you

know man has changed but like the

foundation of a man how to know that he

actually values you and values having

you in his life because a lot of

confusion is around that topic man a lot

of girls I see they just want to do that

or flaunt them around show them off that

you know it's thirsty for them and you

know that's really a guy that just wants

you like that's one part of it that's

cool that's great actually but if that's

all he does if all he wants you getting

the short end of the stick a real man

that like that's for you values you the

difference is the man that once she