How to know a man is interested?

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hey I'm just testing out this on YouTube

live see

testing up you to live want to pop in on

I got a question today and well I see

this question all the time when I'm

doing my Instagram Q&A and the question

is how do I know if a man is interested

and today I've been hearing a lot you

know in coaching sessions women saying

to me oh if a man contacts me every day

is creepy and that always kind of creeps

me out because I'm like wouldn't you

want to hear from someone every day if

they're interested in you or if you're

interested in them and so one thing I

see a lot is that because of social

media today because of the text message

society and because of the dating apps

men have a lot more women to entertain

so if a man goes on a dating app

he's meeting five to ten dateable women