10 Subtle Signs Someone Is Attracted To You

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Brainy Dose Presents: 10 Subtle Signs Someone Is Attracted To You

Do you ever wonder if someone is flirting with you or if they’re just being nice?

Everyone questions their budding relationships at some point.

Is it friendship or something more?

Sometimes, the line between platonic and romantic interests can be blurry, and it can be challenging

to know whether or not you should make a move.

Your love interest might lack the self-confidence or courage needed to ask you on a date, without

knowing for sure if you’ll say yes.

You might even feel the same way.

The good news is, that there are ways to find out if your crush is interested in you - that

don’t involve confronting them outright.

Here are 10 subtle signs that someone is attracted to you.

Number 1 - You See Them Everywhere

You know the feeling when someone is watching you?

You might get that sensation whenever you’re around that certain someone.

And when you look up, you might not be surprised to see their eyes on you.

They might look away out of embarrassment of being caught in admiration.

If they don’t, you can maintain eye contact and see if sparks fly.

This person may be attempting to get your attention by putting themselves somewhere

obvious in front of you.

They want to be noticed and will wait patiently for your attention.