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hello and welcome I'm your produce guy

and this is our when is it ripe segment

for honeydew's honeydew's are probably

the easiest melon to tell when it's ripe

a lot of people uncertain about them but

they're really quite simple the melons

are white as they grow out the field and

as they begin to ripen they get a little

bit of a yellow cast to the skin but

then there's a sure way to tell when

they're ripe and ready to eat and that

is with the thumb test you moisten your

thumb a little bit get any oil that

might be on there from your skin get

that dry it off and then you just take

your thumb and you run it across that

melon you hear that squeak that means

that the melon is ripe and ready to use

so let's cut in see what we've got you

can see the seeds are still clinging to

the side there let's get those cleaned