How to Find Out If He Wants a Relationship (What to say!)

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Hey, this is Mat Boggs and in today’s video, let’s talk about how to find out if he wants

a relationship, and specifically what you can say. I know that this is a tough subject

for a lot of women that brings up a lot of nerves. Lot of women are scared about asking

this question. You know, “How do I ask this question? When do I ask this question?”

because they feel like if they do it wrong and they come across needy, that they might

potentially scare away a great thing or something that could turn into an amazing relationship.

So let’s dispel this myth right here, right now that you could scare off a guy who wants

a relationship by asking him if he wants a relationship. No, guys who want a relationship,

they welcome that question. They’re not intimidated by that question at all. It’s

the guys who don’t want a relationship that are scared by that question. Guys who don’t

want a relationship, that question makes them feel uncomfortable and nervous and it’s

like they receive that question like receiving a sack full of snakes. You know, it’s like

kryptonite to- oh! Oh my God! Ah! That is what it feels like to a guy who doesn’t

want a relationship. So when do you ask this question? I’m giving you permission to ask

this question early. You can even ask this question on the first date if you want as

long as you ask it in the right spirit, in the right way, because the last thing you

want is to waste time with a guy who will never commit. “Hello, baby. I love you so

much. It’s time you said on our 85th dating anniversary that we would get engaged. Are

you ready? No? You need some more time maybe to figure it out. You like what we have right

now? Okay. I do too. I’ll keep waiting.” The key to asking this question right is to

come from this state of worthiness, confident that no matter what he says, you are going