How Guys Text When They Like You (10 Signs)

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guys are known for being bad at texting

I'm talking about those one-word

responses those 48-hour lag time and

those comma less sentences but

occasionally you do have those guys who

are nice communicative and responsive

and if they are like that you're

probably wondering what their intentions

are are they trying to get at me or are

they just being nice let's hope that

they are indeed trying to get at you and

let's cover these 10 signs on how guys

text when they like you

number one the whatsup text so you're

minding your own business and just going

along with their day studying or working

and then all of a sudden you get the

generic what's up hey or what you doing

text there's obviously something up with

him if he's reaching out to you he wants

you to text him because he's probably