How To Know if a Guy is Right For You

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hello this is burn and if you're

interested in finding out if a man is

right for you you're in luck because I'm

going to show you how to figure that out

without so much complication on our

episode today hello this is Vern welcome

to your great lecture calm today is

another edition of kept above you crave

and I'm very excited to be sharing with

you today how to know is if a man is

right for you and who I am I have it

because I see so much pain in the world

in the way of women feeling anxious

worried uncertain unsure about if

they're wasting their time of the guy or

if the guy that their width is right for

them so what I thought to myself today

is well why don't I just share with you

the six part framework that you can pass

any man that you're in a relationship

with or that you're thinking about or