5 Unusual Signs Your Man Is Into You!

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Hey, Mat Boggs here and today we are going to talk about five unusual ways to know if

your man is into you. Now, there's a lot of questions about: Does

he like me? How do I know? How can I get my man-ray vision going so I can know if he's

into me? And a lot of the advice online is sort of obvious, you know: Is he calling you?

Is her pursuing you? You know, that kind of stuff. So I decided to take a different approach.

Now, you may or may not agree with some of these but it's important to look at these

five things because they are sort of hidden indicators that yes, your man is digging on

you. The first way is this: he is awkward. Now,

I know you might be thinking, Well, awkward. I don't even want a guy who's awkward.

You know, awkward to me is boring. But let me just tell you that the way our brains

are wired up actually makes it more likely that your man is going to be awkward around

you if he likes you. Now for all of us, when we like somebody, it's way more natural

to be awkward and tense and nervous around them. Why? Because we don't want to screw

up. It's something that important to us so we're trying to get it right, we're

trying to be perfect. But especially for a man, it's enhanced and here's why. The

way our brains are wired up, our brains are like giant apartment complexes.

So if he's in the visual apartment looking at you thinking, Man, she is beautiful.

Like look at her, she is gorgeous, and he's trying to have a conversation with

you and he's so enamored with your beauty, the moment you ask him a question, he has

to run over into his conversation apartment and he's in there and he's like, Uh,

what did she ask me? I don't even know. So uh, you come here a lot? And then