Signs He Loves You But is Playing Hard to Get!

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in this video you will learn ten signs that a man really loves you and adores

you but he's trying to hide it so if you're seeing these signs you can be

sure he's attracted and wants to be in a romantic relationship with you even if

he tries to hide his feelings for you don't go anywhere because we're starting

right now

hi everyone I'm Dr. Antonio Borrello and I'm a psychologist in a relationship

coach. This channel is all about helping you build great relationships so you can

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hit the bell notification so you aren't missing anything ok on to the signs he

adores you but he's hiding his feelings now there are several reasons why a man

might be purposefully hiding his feelings for you

first some men hide their feelings as a seduction technique in other words he's

hiding his feelings as an attempt to play hard-to-get so he's trying to keep

the way he feels a mystery from you in the hopes that you will think about him

more and therefore be more attracted to him

another reason he may be terrified of being rejected by you because he likes

you so much after all when he really likes you the stakes are much higher and

the potential to be hurt is greater so again he's hiding his feelings and

lastly a man might be hiding his feelings from you because he doesn't

want to lose power in appear too vulnerable