He's Just NOT Into You... | 10 Signs He's Not Interested In You (Part 1)

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ever date a guy and just felt like you

had no idea where you stood with him

want to know the signs he gives when

he's just not into you I'm gonna cover

those ten signs and more right now hey

everyone I'm dating coach Ryan Patrick

now before I get into these ten signs

he's not interested in you I just want

to touch on how things should look when

he is into you in the beginning if he is

into you there will probably be zero

doubt in your mind that he likes you

the first three months that honeymoon

phase of being in a relationship with

him is the most exciting it's the most

fun you guys should be having an

absolute blast what you don't want to be

experiencing is that hot cold feeling a

guy flip-flops between or just sensing

that you're in this gray area with him

and you don't really know how he feels