Signs A Guy Likes You More Than A Friend (Your Guy Friend Likes You!) | VixenDaily Love Advice

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signs a guy likes you as more than just

a red in this video I'm going to give

you the absolute certain signs that a

guy likes you is more than just a friend

so that you don't have to risk rejection

and you don't have to humiliate yourself

and you don't have to be confused ever

again okay so you might wonder does he

like me as more than just a friend what

are the science he wants to be more than

just friends

is he more than just a friend right now

and how on earth can you know without

risking rejection nobody wants to be

rejected but I fully understand your

situation so maybe have a guy friend

that you just get a love so freaking

well with you click as far as you're

concerned things are beautiful a

relationship would be the obvious next

step right you just know it know it in