How I Pick My Stocks: Investing for Beginners

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I want to share with you guys a research

study that was published in 1973 from

the University of Princeton by Professor

Burton Malkiel he suggested that he

could find a group of blindfolded

monkeys that would throw darts at the

pages of a financial newspaper and those

monkeys could randomly select a

portfolio that would perform just as

well as one carefully selected by

experts of course he was wrong because

the monkeys didn't do as well as the

experts they did better than the experts

I always had these questions when I

started investing like where do you look

to find good stocks to buy and what do

you look for and all of the videos that

I found on YouTube and Google none of

them explained to me and maybe it's

because I'm dumb but I don't understand

any of that stuff because they don't