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Hey, what's up guys?

Today we're gonna tackle one of the most highly

requested topics on this channel which is how to

become a better public speaker.

Now, this is actually perfect timing for this topic,

because last month I went down to South Carolina to

give a talk at a conference called "FinCon"

where I talked about building a YouTube Channel,

something I'm pretty passionate about,

and actually this month I'll be going to Vermont in

a couple of weeks to give my first paid speaking engagement.

So, speaking is becoming a larger part of my life,

and while I'm not a professional speaker,

I do have a lot of experience speaking in public,

and I've gained a lot of insights and skills over the

years through practice,

and I want to help impart some of the knowledge

I've been able to gain to you so you can become a

better public speaker technically,

and also start to calm some of the nerves and anxiety

that you might get when you have to get onstage