How To Pick A Good Wine

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hiya Clint - Krispy one in spirits I

wanted to create a video to talk a

little bit about some of the dilemmas in

shopping for wine that I hear around the

store a lot of times we have people come

in the store that say I had this great

bottle of wine out at a restaurant or at

a friend's house but I just can't

remember what the label looks like or

what the name is

that's one dilemma another dilemma is

that there's just so much out there

there's so many wines on different wine

lists there's so many wines in the store

thousands as a matter of fact it's it's

sometimes a little overwhelming it's

mind-boggling to think about how many

different types of wines and a lot of

people especially if you're just getting

into wine don't know what all the blends

are what all the different grapes are