How To Choose A Partner Wisely

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How do we choose the people we fall in love with?

In the modern world,

under the ideology of 'Romanticism'

you're meant above all, to Trust Your Feelings!

Love is a mutual ecstasy

at finding a beautiful person,

inside and out,

with the rare capacity, to make us happy.

The romantic attitude sounds warm and kind.

It's originators certainly imagined

that it would bring to an end the sort of

unhappy relationships

that resulted from the old ways of finding a partner;

the arranged marriage!

The only problem is that this call for us to trust our instincts

has very often proved to be a disaster of its own.

Respecting the special feelings we get around certain people

in night-clubs, or train stations; at parties or on websites

and that romanticism so ably celebrated an art

appears not to have led us to be any happier in our unions

The Medieval couple shackled into marriage by two royal courts