Burn test; how to know if your weave is 100% human hair !

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hello guys welcome back to my channel

today I want to just talk to you guys

about knowing the difference between a

real Brazilian hair and the hair that

you can get off eBay Aliexpress we're

going into hair tests running tests and

we're gonna see how we can tell if it's

round and how we themself its peak now

my little plate over here in one branch


I advise no children to do this shoe I

was scared going they almost burnt my

hand so be very careful if you do it

please be 18 and over all right the to

strengthen 1 start with first it's a

full blown synthetic wig as you can see

I got it from I forgot Wiig types calm

I'm going to use this track and the most

fun is this strand I just want this

bundle off of ebay for one cents so I

gotta be too good to be true we go see