How to tell an egg is fresh - Delia's How to Cook - BBC Food

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the most important thing you need to

look for if you're a cook is something

that happens up here and that is an air

pocket I've already said the shell is

porous and if you want to cook eggs you

need to know all about the air pocket

before you start to cook them because

what the air pocket tells you is how old

the egg is when an egg is fresh there's

very little air pocket and when it's

stale there's a lot and that is so

significant in cooking now first of all

before you even start to cook an egg

you've got to go and buy your eggs and

my advice to you is always look at the

date stamp on the box and go to a

supplier where they tell you the packing

date the sell by date isn't always very

helpful so go to a supplier that gives

you the packing date then you've got a

clue before you buy them when you get