7 Subtle Signs a Girl Wants YOU to Kiss HER!

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oh I'm gonna eat your face ah not a

subtle sign it was that easy to know

when a girl wants you to kiss her you

wouldn't need this video unfortunately

it's not that simple because women are

crazy beautiful mysterious and seductive

but crazy and when it comes to you know

and if she wants to make out with your

handsome ass sometimes you get some

mixed messages sometimes you think oh

man yes this is happening let's do this

you go in she jumps back and punches you

in the nuts such as me sometimes you

just you just don't get the right vibes

right so you leave you shake her hand

and then you hear from Janice who talked

to Brenda who was pissed off because you

didn't jump her bones like I said crazy

gentleman today and an attempt to help

you knock it out of the make out park

I'm gonna go over settle some set let's