6 Secret Signs A Woman Wants To Sleep with YOU! (100% Accurate)

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gentlemen gentlemen gentlemen buckle

your seatbelts because today it's about

to get freaky in the Alpha M house

because today I am unlocking the mystery

that is a female seduction so a few

weeks ago I did a video entitled six

body language signs that she wants to

kiss you

but now you're in another crossroads

you've been dating a little while lured

and leads the kiss saying kissing leads

to some heavy petting and possibly

fondling this is a pretty good sign that

sex is on the horizon but one of the

things that totally kills the mood is

when you go for it and she's not ready

and nothing is more frustrating for her

than we need she thinks she's like yo

what do I have to do Brian draw you a

roadmap I'm ready so today I'm going