10 Proven Signs She Wants To Kiss You (Don't Miss These!)

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Gentlemen, Today we’re showing you 10 signs a girl CLEARLY wants you to kiss her.

And because we know you’ve either been thinking, should I or should I not make a move?

We’re also showing you one thing that will definitely let you know she’d reject your

kiss if you tried.

So, to help you know when to make a move, here are 10 signs a girl wants you to kiss

her, plus the one sign that she doesn’t.

10. Closer In Space, Closer To Face

Imagine you’re out having fun with the girl

you like and the night is going great.

When suddenly, she starts inching closer and closer to you.

Now before you get too excited, this could mean all types of things.

Maybe her seat is uncomfortable, maybe she can’t hear what you’re saying,

or maybe it’s that she’s actually just a little cold.

So how do you know she’s ready?

If she’s not only moving her closer to your personal space,

but face closer to your face, that’s probably a good sign that she’s down for you to kiss her.

9. Orally Oriented

It’s no secret that most people look at

the things they want.

Whether it’s exotic sports cars, new sneakers or donuts with sprinkles...people just can’t

look away from things that would make them happy.