15 Things Women Only Do With The Men They Love

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Brainy Dose Presents: 15 Things Women Only Do With The Men They Love

One thing that women and men have in  common when it comes to love, is the  

fear of their feelings being unreciprocated. For men, women seem to be almost impossible  

to understand. The way their minds work is a  mystery - and with all of the complex emotions  

that people can have, it can be hard to  know how a woman truly feels about you. 

A lot of people say that women  fall in love faster than men do,  

but that’s not necessarily true. Men  and women just fall in love differently,  

and experience and show it in different ways. So then, how can you know whether or not  

her feelings for you are genuine? There are some subtle giveaways to  

pay attention to, and here are a few  signs that she truly does love you:

Number 1 - She Wants To Know Everything About You

A woman who loves you, will want to  know everything about you - even the  

smallest details that might not seem  important to you - she’ll want to know. 

After a while, this may get annoying, since men in  general aren’t too keen on sharing their feelings.  

But women often see sharing your hopes, dreams,  

fears, and details about your life  as an indication that you care. 

She wants to know about your world because she  wants to be a part of it. She wants to know even  

the little details - to make you feel like she  really knows you and that she’ll stand by you.

Number 2 - Her Maternal Instincts Kick In

This is simply human nature at work. Men are naturally protective of people  

they care about, while women are naturally  nurturing. Its instinctual for both.