How To Get A Girl Wet (3 Secret Spots On Her Body)

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Alright. If you want to turn a girl on,  there are a few secret places. And I say  

secret because these are places on a woman's body  that are a little bit more unknown. They're just  

places where you wouldn't think is going to turn  a girl on. But it does. You can use these places  

as a way to initiate foreplay. I know most  people think about foreplay as things you  

might be doing while you're naked. But  these are places that you can access when  

you guys are not fully naked together. This  is pre-foreplay, or foreplay to the foreplay.  

I want you to test these out the next time you're  getting intimate with a woman. The first one  

are her inner thighs, her inner thighs.  This is a place that basically says hey,  

we are right near the region where I actually  get turned on but we're not quite there yet.  

The building of that tension is what helps to  start to get her turned on. If you are making out  

with her where you guys are laying down together  and you are able to have access to her thighs,  

and it doesn't matter if she's naked or not, this  is a great place to start to caress. Very lightly,  

by the way. I should say that all these places  are places you're going to want to caress  

very lightly when you guys are kissing and when  you're getting into it. The inner thighs is  

one of the places that's going to basically be  telling her body, something is about to happen.  

I want you to utilize this place when you guys are  getting it on. Another place and this one is very  

easy access because you guys are already going to  be kissing. It is her ear. This is not utilized  

enough and I think guys forget about this. I think  it is really a shame because it is such a place  

that is so sensitive for a lot of women. It's a  great place to start turning her on. Soft kisses  

on her ear, around this region right here, even  like this part of her neck right below her ear.  

Super powerful spot. That's a place that you  can start to kiss and even give little licks