How To Know If A Girl Is A Lesbian (OFFICIAL SONG)

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Hey guys! I get a lot of question asking, "How do you know if a girl is gay?" Well...

You don't wear a beanie in the summer for no reason.

Or a baseball tee when it's not baseball season.

If you check her nails and they're always trimmed.

Or KStew is her style twin.

She knows a little bit too much about the L word.

She rolls her sleeves up when she's wearing pocket t-shirts.

And when she compliments

You just feel confident.

You know how she rolls but you're still not sure.

Oh oh maybe she's just being nice.

Oh or you can take my advice.

If she looks like she'd want a few cats.

If her closet is full of snapbacks.

You lock eyes, that implies that your in luck my friend.

'Cause she's probably a lesbian.



Blue isn't just her favorite color, it's the warmest.

And her low cut tank top collection is enormous.

If Plaid or flannels are her go to thing.