10 Best Questions To Ask A Girl You Like - Powerful Conversation Starters to Get Her to Open Up

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Gentlemen, this is Mantelligence.

Today we're showing you 10 Best Questions To Ask a Girl

Every guy knows how difficult it can be to get to know a girl you like

Not only does it take a long time, but you also need to know so much,

And that’s why it’s so helpful to have questions designed to help you get to know


So here are 10 great questions to ask a girl

Question #1: If You Had a One-Way Time-Travel Ticket, When Would You Go To?

She has a ticket to go back in time and she’s never coming back.

Which year would she go to?

Would it be in the past?

To the year 1970 with bell-bottoms and disco.

Or would it be in the future?

To the year 3,000 with space travel and teleportation?

Not only will this question tell you whether she longs for the past or dreams for the future,

but it also almost always starts a fun and interesting conversation.

Question #2 What’s The Craziest, Most Spontaneous Thing You’ve Ever Done?

She can name one thing that describes how adventurous she is.

What does she choose?

Does she say something like skinny dipping in the ocean

or skydiving in a foreign country?