How to tell if your dog has worms

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I'd stopped a road from the village bit

and I've got my little dog here again

this is a little missing a lot of people

wonder how to tell if the dogs got worms

now two things I need to say that Missy

she's a mature dog and I were there

every month now if she starts scratching

around a backside would I think she had

words I would know she wouldn't have

wound because I'd been deworming her so

the first question if you think your

dog's got worms look what you're doing

is she being wormed now a lot of those

products now that you can put on the

back of their neck like revolution and

advocate in particular and one or two

others do tummy worms every month so if

you're treating your dog to flea look on

the package and see if intestinal worms

are in it there's another worm which

will come to another time called