Infidelity - Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

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it's scary sometimes just absolutely

frightening it also frustrating and it

can definitely make you angry it's when

you believe as a matter of fact maybe

almost completely convinced that your

spouse is cheating on you that he or she

is involved with somebody else yet you

don't have enough proof to absolutely

know a great portion of you says I know

it's happening but I just need to have

some proof another part of you is now

maybe I'm altogether wrong maybe it's

not happening at all

what we want to do in this video is

share with you a roadmap for you to

assess whether or not it's likely that

your spouse is cheating and we're

actually going to use that word roadmap

and give you a point for each one of

those letters only we're going to take

the road and abbreviate it as Rd like