How to identify catfish - flathead, blue, channel, white catfish, bullhead and other species

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my luck here with Jessica are calm and

I'm going to tell you how to identify

the various species of catfish here in

North America we have three common

species of catfish that people will

generally like to fish for there's

flathead catfish blue catfish and

channel catfish now those are not the

only species of catfish that we have in

North America that people fish for

there's also several species of bullhead

catfish white catfish and there's also

the gaff Topsail catfish I'll also show

you some of the European Asian African

and South American catfish as well if

you're fishing in North America and you

catch a large catfish it's generally

pretty easy to tell which species of

catfish you have as the fish get older

their differences become more distinct

however when you catch a small fish it's