How to Tell if Your Bra Fits Properly

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hi guys so I'm back here with my lovely

sister Amy hi guys you might have seen

her in my sister tag that I put up and I

brought it back today are a interesting

video that we're gonna do for you guys

now I actually work at a boutique where

they sell ladies lingerie we also sold

jammies and other stuff too so it's not

as it's not as exciting as it sounds

yeah it's not as crazy as it sounds

they're not like I want you're right

yeah so part of what I actually do is

measure Leaguer bras so I thought it

would be a fun idea to help give at

least some tips for anyone who is trying

to go bra shopping and what you should

be looking for when you're trying on

bras in case you're not going to a place

where they actually measure you and help

you see whether or not the bra is

properly fitting alright so my first tip