15 Things A Man Will Do Only If He Really Loves You

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Brainy Dose Presents: 

15 Things A Man Will Do  Only If He Really Loves You

Knowing how someone really feels  can be a tricky thing to gauge,  

but even more so when it comes to romantic  feelings - especially when it comes to men. 

Does he truly love you and want to be with you,  or does he have other intentions? After all,  

nobody wants to be with someone  who doesn't want to be with them. 

But how can you tell the difference? Maybe this list can give you a better  

idea of what 'a man who truly  loves you' actually looks like. 

If you have his heart, he will  probably do all of the following:

Number 1 - He Will Treat You With 100% Respect

One of the biggest requirements  of a healthy relationship  

that most people take for granted is respect. 

A guy who loves you will respect you as a  person, your choices, your beliefs, and ideas. 

It may not sound super sexy, but it's  necessary for any lasting relationship - and  

any guy who wants one with you will want to  respect you, and have your respect as well. 

Even if he doesn't always agree with you, he will  still try to see things from your perspective  

and respect your point of view - the  same way he hopes you'll do for him.

Number 2 - He Will Really Listen To You

Men are often accused of not being good listeners  - whether they forget about your cousin's birthday  

this weekend, or which scented candle you  liked the most at the store the other day. 

But small details like these do matter. And  a man who cares for you, will always listen