8 Scientific Signs He Likes You (How to Tell if a Guy Likes You): TEEN EDITION | Ask Kimberly

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are you in a love situation where you

have a big-time crush but you're not

sure if he likes you back well what if I

told you there was a scientific way to

get some insight into what's going on in

his pretty little mind when a guy likes

you he engages and behaviors that are

based on biology physiology and social


I'm dr. Kimberly and this video is eight

scientific scientists crushing on you

sign number one is you see him

scratching his face so for those of you

who are regular ask Kimberly subscribers

you already know that when a guy sees

something or someone that he likes a

rush of blood goes to his face this

actually has the ability to make his

face feel very hot and itchy so if you

happen to see him scratching his face

when he's walking by you in the hallway