How To Tell If A Guy Doesn't Like You

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so I've made a lot of videos in the past

talking about signs when a guy likes you

romantically and such and I've never

made one about when a guy doesn't like

you so I thought I should make one

sometimes we got to be true to ourselves

you may or may not have a crush on this

guy and he seems kind of not interested

in you but you're not too sure because

you're still hopeful but don't worry

about that for now and I do notice you

guys talking about being a single

Pringle when a guy doesn't like you but

you know that Pringles come in the pack

right with a bunch of Pringles inside

it's like an orgy of Pringles so

technically speaking you're going to

find another Pringle there's still hope

anyways there is ten ways on how to tell

if a guy doesn't like you

number one he makes no effort to be